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link The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research" by Greg. It's not Chicago, but it should serve as a model. "Best regional art site in the country" - Yankee Mag. And funny. Although accolades talk around that, like the Boston Phoenix, "dense, sprawling, and compulsively updated."

link www.martinjon.com/blog.htm by Marty.
"Meet Chicago art folk through nifty YouTube interviews" says Chicago's Best Blogs at http://www.chicagosbestblogs.com/artsandculture.html

link www.houndstooth.blogspot.com By Jason.
Really good, easy to read, captivating, "Self-reflective Musings about Art in Chicago and Wherever Else I Find It"

link www.freshpaint.blogspot.com by Cynthia
Often political, otherwise: "A blog about painting, printmaking, writing, sweaters, and anything else I can think up"

linkwww.artletter.com/ by Paul Klein
Former owner of Klein Art Work, continues comments on the Chicago art scene, "I've heard ... that my aesthetic and input are missed."

link artoridiocy.blogspot.com by The Artist Extraordinaire
Local reviews, food, top ten, dogs, music, local, NYC.

link erikandtheanimals.com/blog/blog.html by Erik Fabian
Chicago-centric comments on performance art .. "performance, installation and interviews, Performance Art plumbing, bridge burning, and commentary."

linknotifbutwhen.com/2/ by Brian Ulrich
"Featuring as much writing as photography," someone commented. And I should add, as much political insight, commercial practice, and local art comments.

linkThe New Modernist by Edward Lifson
Sound opinions on archtecture, public sculpture. As he says, "All the arts going on around town. Slight emphasis on architecture."

linkAnyone else in Chicago? Send me a URL.


[Othergroup] Archive of 80 gallery people in deep discussions (or protracted silence); was discontinued in 2008, but an archive is [here].
[ChicagoArt.Net] Art events announcement service, 80 galleries, 3000 users.
[ChicagoArt.Org] A visual art database for Chicago. I have stopped updating this in August of 2008, when the Reader's listing became unreadable. Otherwise every gallery opening from 2002 through mid 2008.
[Archive] Our archive of old features: Uncomfortable Spaces, Michael Bulka's Rants, Pedro Valez's "FGA", Adam Mikos "Gravy", and the Chicago pages, and the Other Group art discussion.
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