Michael Bulka, midnight rant

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Wed, 5 May 1999 07:14:38 -0500

Subject: non-rant info-bit

Navy Pier, Art1999 Chicago.

Thousands of art from hundreds of galleries in dozens of countries. If that's not enough, all the galleries put on their best fancy-company's-a'comin' shows and, more importantly it is the occasion for a bunch of short-run shows the like of which in past years have proved to be very entertaining. For someone like me, who can often confuse enthusiasm with quality, curiosity with an aesthetic experience, it means trying to be in several places at once.

For those of you who may not be on the same mailing lists as me, here is a list of the special events that I know about, at least the ones that are on my desk at the moment. If you know of other relevent events this weekend, let me know and I'll pass them along.

The worst thing about email is that there is very little clue to geography. I've tried to edit the list to folks who might care what is going on in town right now. If you are far out of town, consider this a postcard from the art center of the mid-west.

thesis show at Midway Studios, U of C

Susan Sveda-Uncapher (socially motivated installation and public projects, sez my informant) I forget the address. It's a hike, but cheaper than Vernissage.


(a bunch of artists I don't know)
Mahbano Abidi, Sydney Croskery, Gerald Davis, Rosemarie Fiore, Jessica Hutchens, Lena Kuffner, Edra Sota, Pedro Velez 1927 W. Shiller, Apt 3F 773 395-1216 (across the park from 10 in One)
Friday 6-10


(more people I don't know)
Stratton Cherouny, Elizabeth Tyson, Matti Allison & Marc Fischer, Orion Wertz, Frank Magnotta, Stephanie Ognar, Brett Bloom, Hannah Israel, Heather Romney
1828 W Webster
Friday food 8-10, dj 10-12

Alan M. Bolle

(the spring-car guy)
Flat Iron Builing #332
1579 N. Milwaukee
Friday 5-10

Oli Watt "Attention Deficit Disorder"

1925 W Division 773 235-7297
Friday 7-10

Chicago Critics on Chicago Art

Chicago Art Critics Association
John Brunetti on Bibian Suarez
Michael Bulka on Mindy Rose Schwartz
Margaret Hawkins on Chuck Walker
Stephen LongMire on Bob Thall
Polly Ullrich on Barbara Cooper
followed by a discussion of art in Chicago
Saturday 4-6p
Navy Pier Festival Hall Room 325

Hotel Shows at Best Western/Inn of Chicago

162 E. Ohio
a whole buncha artists in at least three rooms
Friday and Saturday - I thought we were going to be open all night, but the card says until 10p. I dunno.


Sarah Gjertson, Danielle Gustafson-Sundell, Jessica Hutchens, Mitchell Knapp, Mindy Rose Schwartz, Sue Scott


Mary Ruth Albert, Maria Jose Barandiarian, Julie Burleigh, Michael Bulka, Wendy Ennes, Anoka Faruqee, Mary Hackett, Matthew Hanner, John Henley, Carol Jackson, Paul Kass, Stephen Lapthisophon, Karen Lebergott, Steven Reber, Wllen Steinberg, Barbara Wiesen

Room Service

Avantika Bawa, Molly Briggs, Caroline Gundersdorf, Mark Murphy, Art Myer, Beth Reitmeyer, Shuko Wada

Which rooms? Don't ask at the desk; we're sneakin' the art in. Call on Friday.

Roomy 773 252-4379
Room Service 312 666-6386
Suite 773 645-0987 or 395-9518


(older folks, real artists with real galleries, crashing the apartment show scene, mostly from out-of-town)
Gaylen Gerber, Jesse Robinson, David Kaiser, C.A.R., Gary Cannone, Blake Fitch, Sarah Whipple, Michael Hall, Doug Harvey, Art Zine, David Robbins, Yvette Brackman, Scott Reeder, Anne Trimberger, Gott 30, Oli Watt, Robert Weingart.
2040 W Haddon 773 342-9260
Saturday "7 pm till sunrise" (sure)

Hot Sauce at the Law Office

(if you only make it to one art student's apartment this weekend, this should be the one. "optimistic and flawed")
Animal Charm, Peter Barrickman, Edgar Bryan, Lori Daniels, Vincent Darmody, Jeff Dick, Jennifer Dirt, Brent Goodsell, Willy Gregory, Charles Irvin, John Kramer, Xav and Didier Laplae, Rebekah Levine, M.R.I. Painting Projects, Doug Schell, Kristen Stoltmann, Selina Trepp, Rob Weingart, Russell Williams
1837 W. Evergreen #3 773 276-4681
Saturday 8p-2a one night only