The Millennium Fusion Project

at ARC Raw Space..
1040 West Huron (A block south of Ogden/Chicago/Milwaukee)

Opening Friday, January 14, 5 pm - 8 pm

The Millennium Fusion Project

work by 39 artists

First reception, Friday, December 3, 1999
(3 artists)

Adelheid Mers (three colored par [lights]), Mark Genrich (rotating [wheels] with holes), Shuko Wada (painted the [walls] white),

Second reception, Friday, December 17, 1999
(9 additional artists)

Simon Anderson (presence), Adam Brooks (white on white [lettering]), Jno Cook ([spider] [web], [silent sound piece]), Anthony Elms ([christmas] [decorations]), Patrick McGee (kinetic string [drawing]), Arthur [Myer] (found [circles]), Laurie Palmer ([fans]), Mary Patten (3 cups, [3-d glasses], gallery contract), Lynn Pidel ([plexiglass] [postcards]),

Third reception, Friday, January 14, 2000
(27 additional artists)

anonymous ([altered] ([magazine]), Leah Abrahams ([traffic] [signal]), Richard Ashcroft (sound installation), Michael Bulka (he was there), Deborah Boardman with Robert Metrick ([apples] and [performance]), Max King Cap (case of champaigne), Patrick Collier (poem on the [web] site), Matthew Hanner ([photo] of himself and person who invited him), Darlene Kryza (photos on black [cardboard] [circles]), Roger Machin (magnet [stick] and money bag of rounds), Darrin Martin (a [tent] and a [video] in the [media] room), Kathleen McCarthy ([LED], Donald McGhie (absence), Adam Mikos (isolation [doorways] to the space and contamination [suit]), Jocelyn Nevel (dental [floss] construction and bag of teeth), Michael Piazza ([extension] cord), Elisabeth Penker (installation with [photos], [text] and sound), Claire Pentecost (remote control [car] with plant), Robert Peters (a list of [typos] in Mers' [transscription] of ARC's Gallery Rules), Allison Ruttan (porn [circles] on the window), Brian Rumbolo (two [prints] on the wall), Allison Safford ([upside downer] - metal head gear and lens), Joel Score (white lettering on wall, [magnetic message board], [footprints] on paper on the ground (with Jake Jacobs), [retirement sign] and [paperclip] [chains]), Jackie Terrassa (crochet nick-nack), Shirley Tse (plexi and styrofoam [column] and cornpads mound), Shuko Wada] (pieces of [paper] on the [floor] and a [notice] of permission), Amy Yoes ([green] [soft] "friendly" [sculptures]), Jno Cook (performance "Way too much [beer] for [one] [opening]"), uninvited: Barabara Koenen (glitter [dots] on walls and windows)

From Sat Jan 22 23:28:52 2000
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 18:22:29 -0600
From: Patrick E. Collier 
To: Jno Cook 
Subject: Fusion web page addition

Dear Jno,

If you could please post the below on the Phase three page:

Let it be known that
"Make Your Own Modern Art Mobile"
is now and forever to be considered
the property of Adelheid Mers.
In addition, all rights to the poem
"Spectrum" now and forever belong to Mary Patten.
Both are given as gifts to show
heartfelt appreciation for inclusion
in the "Fusion" thingy.

Hugs and kisses to everyone else.

Patrick "PtC" Collier

Thanks for the tech support, Jno.


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