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April 2001, 12 posts, 247 lines


hi everyone,

I'm creating a list -- maybe just a page -- of art exhibits, events, happenings, parties etc. that will be occuring during Art Chicago. The dates of the fair are May 11 - 14.

I may not be able to include everything, and I know that there are other lists out there, but if you could let me know of what you're planning I'd appreciate it.

Also, if anyone wants to help, or has any ideas, please let me know. All information can be emailed to me at: kutl- at You can call me at 773.469.5156.

Thank you!
- Keri


Hey Keri,

I don't know if you are listing "normal" shows, but we will have the show, that is opening this Friday, up during ArtChicago. I believe you already have the info, saw it on the latest FYI. Thanks for keeping us informed



I hate to sound sensitive, but there is something wrong with MTV's new ad campaign. The whole AIDS/disease angle is in bad taste.

Has anyone else seen these print ad's? They are all over the subway and CTA in general.



I agree, I don't get it , is all too elusive. It isn't funny either. Not even straight or devoided of irony like GAP or Target...and even thought we know the ads are targeted to youngsters, the subject matter seems to be trying hard to make parents angry or scared. Why ? Maybe because kids ( or corporate MTV) have realized that their music ( white pop) is lame and the complete oppossite to what rock n' roll should be. Its more like a campaign to promote a new evolution MTV and that's nothing new



Adam and Pedro,

I think you guys should design a spoof of this ad campaign and post it around town. Maybe something like: "If you are a upper-middle-class white male, you are at high risk for MTV." "Many people with MTV lead boring and sedentary lives." cindy


so MTV cranked out a lame ad campaign that offends the 10 people who can recall the Gran Fury ads of the '80s. big deal. it's rather refreshing that they've spent some $$ to either confuse or offend their demographic. serves them right for inflicting Carson Daly and Eminem on the world and taking boy-and-girl bands so seriously. all they really need to say is: "Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville and Jackass is on MTV on Sunday nights"


HAAA! That's a good idea Cindy. I'm seeing a face with a blank stare, breathing through their mouth, in one of those new cinder block condos.

I 've never seen jackass, but from what has been said, it sounds like a skateboarding video. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you are missing some of the most fucked up antics ever.



OK, so I was talking to friend last night...he explained to me that I shouldn't use the other group service to send out announcements for shows... the other group is supposed to be an open forum to talk about stuff. Well; now I get it , sorry if I bothered anyone with my selfish promotional outings. and for those of you that will like to be in my mailing list, please feel free to send me your info...

- Pedro


(Pedro i think you should keep sending your announcements to us, and no you are not being selfish, just informative)

-should then the other group just be a space for art gossip and disagreements? who owns the other group? who dictates what should or should not be on here. i think if you want to send an announcement you should. not everyone reads the reader or is on special server to receive invites, yes the art net one exists and so does the FYI, but i think this is another venue to share your projects, lectures and openings.


Its not about ownership. Sometimes I get the same announcement 3, 4, 5 times. It makes me want to not bother opening OTherGroup mail. I do look forward to it when there is an argument going on.

When I have a minute I'll post my list of announcement rescources. I think if we all assume that we all have access to the same information, the Othergroup would be a great place for the talk that isn't appropriate for other places.

But, on another tack - someone asked me recently whow many people were on the group, and I had no answer. Does anyone know how many or who we are?


I agree. I was about to unsubscribe for the same reason. I think othergroup should be limited to discussion.



The Othergroup list is "owned" by me, Keri Butler and Todd Marglis.

However, I really feel like we all own this list and we should make a combined decision about whether or not it is used for announcements.

I am a member of, and I get all of the same announcements from this -- and I agree that it can be redundant to receive the same announdements via othergroup. Also, I put out a weekly listing of events called FYI which any of you are welcome to join (just email me at kutl- at

I think that Othergroup could be utilized best by being a discussion forum instead of a listing. (Pedro, by the way, has been a very active part of these discussions in the past )

The information for this list can be seen at:


Anyone can read the past messages. I think that there are about 60 people on the list -- mostly gallery owners, curators, writers...

Thank you for all of the input.