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to the others,

I'm looking for a roomate...for a two bedroom + porch apartment in the corner of Division and Paulina. A block from the blue line and from the Goldstar...laundromat...Jewel...CAN's only 325 a month ! Please, pass the info...all I need is someone clean...

Pedro Velez


The amusement park ad says there's more than corn in Indiana, but I'm not convinced. This is an art show in conjunction with Hammond's downtown revival festival - a poetry slam, WWF wrestling, Safety Town, the Midnight Circus freakshow and other forms of entertainment. Should be fun.

We'll do a bonfire after-party. Hammond is closer than you think and, if you want, I might be able to arrange a ride for you.


Hey, this is a press release!

A very nice day with Grey.

Featuring: Angela Altenhofen, Nick Black, Michael Bulka, Marty Garcia, Roberto Heredia, Gregg Hertzlieb, Alex Jovanovich, Clinton Mason, Ismael Muhammad, Brian Pollack, Bill Pozzo, Dave Reninger, Lisa Boumstein Smalley, Geoffry Smalley, Anthony Stagg, Laura Terek, Lisa Shabez Torluemke, Tom Torluemke, Steve Ziembicki

August 11th - September 7th, 2001 Hammond Civic Center 5825 Sohl Hammond, Indiana 219 - 853 - 6378

Q: Hey, who's Grey?

A: Well, we're a group of artists who currently reside in Northwest Indiana, and we wanted the opportunity to make really nice and interesting art to show off properly. So we went about getting all of that stuff taken care of. However, it dawned on us that we know lots of other people who are artists (who happen to live outside of Northwest Indiana, thank you), and they make really nice and interesting art, too. So we asked them if they wanted to show their work along with us, and they happily agreed. We then decided if we were going to have a show, it needed a name, and it should be something really beautiful and uplifting to reflect how excited everyone is about everything.

Well, what could be more beautiful and uplifting than a very nice day? After all, it's summertime, the kids are out of school, and we're going to show really great artwork on a Saturday!

Besides, the name Grey can be awfully misleading to some people. We're a pretty cheery group most of the time. So, everyone should take some time out on Saturday, August 11th from 4 - 6pm and come to the Hammond Civic Center, located at 5825 Sohl in Hammond, Indiana. That's when we'll be having our opening reception, and there's going to be lots of good food, nice people, and of course, really great art. We hope to see everyone there.

Take great care!

Love, Grey

Oh, and a big PS: If you think Grey sounds really wonderful, you should call Tom Torluemke at 219 - 845 - 4750 and tell him. He'll really like that and then he'll tell you all sorts of good things about us! Yep!


i'm not sure if this has already gone around the list or not, but i thought it was well written.


eric hadley


I need some money for a new computer, my next show, a pair of new shoes, cable TV, and a trip to NYC ...I'm a good kisser, just call me and I'll set up an appointment...You put the price ! Gosh guys, gimme a break ! Finally reality bit you in the ass !



Don't laugh Pedro,

Who is going to come to your rescue when you are arrested for loitering outside of the offices of New City, crying in public about the lack of critical attention Michael Weinstein gives to non-photography-based art shows.

Or maybe you will get arrested during your next trip to NYC when you visit the Whitney Biennial and you start throwing a disruptive tantrum in the galleries because Chicago artists were not sufficiently represented.

For a constant complainer, you of all people should support the rights of others to complain. The next person spending time in jail for voicing his dissent might be you! (The only thing that saves you of course is that art world people in Chicago are mostly spineless and don't have the resources to pursue things that irk them to the degree that MTV does - otherwise you might have gotten sued for slander for things published in the FGA newsletter about 50 times by now).

Love and Kisses,



Yeah, really, Pedro!

How can you expect art to survive without social activism? Do you really think that you can have a dialogue about art without putting that dialogue into practice on the street?



I'll give you that one !