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On Thu, 20 Jul 2006 Aeelms at wrote:

Sun Ra?

And now there are 5 foot "fun globes" to decorate. Oh, wait, it's "cool globes" and with a "powerful environmental message" and each to "showcase a solution to global warming." How about cooling fins? ice cubes? how about stop setting off all those explosives?

I would welcome global warming -- the "greenhouse effect" -- despite the recent 100 degree weather and local power outages. 100 degree weather is not an index of "global warming". Global warming involves a scant few degree long term increase.

I actually think the greenhouse effect is good. It would be warmer by 4 degrees in the artic region, but only about a degree warmer in the tropic and other northern latitudes. It has happened many times before in the past, and the idea of "runaway" tropical heat is conjecture. It would allow planting to a much higher latitude, thus producing much more food, and make the sub-artic liveable by bringing it into a temperate zone of weather. Today Canada can produce 3 wheat crops in a year (whereas the Midwest cannot), but the amount of arable land is limited by the sub-artic temperatures (not by the amount of light). It would probably increase the production of food crops in Canada, Russia, and Siberia by a thousand fold.

And I certainly have no problems when it comes to carbon dioxide. It would make plants everywhere greener and more productive (as can readily be seen in big cities today) thus producing more oxygen (although it is unlikely we will ever run out of oxygen anyway).

Additionally, today most all of the excess carbon dioxide seems to be disolving into the oceans, where it is used by plankton. This might increase fish crops and also the amount of oxygen produced. The only oceanic limitation of the greenhouse effect is that the highly oxygenated oceans would be moved closer to the poles. Thus whales would have longer treks in migration, and much of the crop fish would also move closer to the poles.

But, on the other hand, greenhouse conditions of the past seem to have had smaller effects on ocean temperatures, although it would most likely increase the melting of the Greenland glacier, and to a lesser extent (because of a polar location) the Antartic glaciers, with the attendent loss of valuable property in NY State - like NYC, Hianisport, etc -- well, over the course of several hundred to several thousand years or so.

On the other hand, it seems that the weather was much less extreme and severe during the last greenhouse condition (5800 BC to 3000 BC). Boating would be easier, storms would be milder, and increased rainfall would happen (as it did) at the lower middle latitudes, greening up the Sahara again, and the Gobi, Kalihari, American SW, the deserts of Peru, and the Great Desert of Australia.

In 12,500 BC the earth was the coldest it had been in 120,000 years. It slowly started to warm up since then. But it has been sporadic. Another cold snap in 11,000 BC, 9200 BC, 6200 BC, 3000 BC, 2200 BC, 1500 BC, AD 800, AD 1700. During the 400 year cold snap in 6200 BC we lost the Sahara; after 3000 BC the central Asian lakes dried up, and we ended up with additional deserts in Asia; in AD 800 we added the US Southwestern deserts. It is the cold snaps, not the warming, which did the damage.

Going by accepted climatic chronology, the Greenland glacier has been melting since 10,500 BC. I think it stopped between 5800 BC and 3000 BC, and then started melting again. But even that is an awful long time -- and it is still in place because Greenland is mountainous and within the arctic circle. Melting is going to take thousands of years. The increase in ocean level will not exceed the drop in the past, which amounted to only 150 to 300 feet.

A close look at the Kyoto Protocol will reveal a hidden agenda, which is to limit industrial production among countries, leaving much of it in the hands of those countries which are already producing pollutants. The startup of new industrial production facilities would be too expensive for countries not already industrialized. The US did not sign because allowed polution (which is another matter from global warning) has largely been deregulated in the USA over the last decade. There is no protocol on poisoning the earth. There ought to be.

Hope that helps. /jno


Jno, in abbreviated form:

Ummm, i'm sure you will not be surprised to get the answer "no" in return. I mean, Sun Ra did have a pretty "cool globe" around him. But...oh, wait...he had a "sphere", not a "globe". Nevermind.

Hot enough for yah? a


On Mon, 7 Aug 2006 Aeelms at wrote:

Spent 5 days installing an AC, and the line, and waiting for power to be restored.. I got it running as soon as the 100 degree days were done.

had to work slow /jno


I would suggest contacting Douglas Ewart or someone else of the AACM-type Chicago, African-American experimental music people. They couid probably give you interesting contacts of artists who are involved with them and who are influenced by Sun Ra. Note that these artists will probably, hopefully even, be black, and since you specifically said you don't want painters---etc....etc.... I read between the lines to suppose that you want some ex-SAIC kids, who generally will be white and suburban, therefore probably more affected by some form of trendy art rock or house than by Sun Ra.



msbrandl at said: "I read between the lines to suppose that you want some ex-SAIC kids, who generally will be white and suburban, therefore probably more affected by some form of trendy art rock or house than by Sun Ra."

Umm...geez thanks for being so judgmental and full of assumptions.

I've been listening to Ra and various AACMers for over twenty years, recommending aacmers to granters and educators for about seven, and organizing shows and such for at least ten, so yeah, i'm really interested in being half-assed and flaky. geez

I didn't say no painters, I said no washed up lippy painters past their expiration date (chicago has one who claims to really love music and loves the limelight). i don't care if folks in the show are white or black, urban or suburban, in school or out of school, anybody can take an influence. i just thought this list has been quiet, and maybe someone out there had a suggestion i had overlooked. as you can see the responses have been overwhelming.

read between your own lines, i'm too busy with work. a



This would be the people to talk to, its the Sun Ra Arkestra still in existence and playing out

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On Tue, 8 Aug 2006 Aeelms at wrote:

yeah, yeah, be lippy.

But on another topic: "artists past their expiration date" has to be the next exhibition to be organized by Chester.

Meanwhile, all _my_ work has started to revolve around failures and frustration. The back yard is full of examples.

[way past expiration] /jno


Aeelms at wrote:

Sorry Aeelms. That's how it sounded to me. I didn't realize that you just meant to not get Wesley suggested to you. I think the Sun Ra influence thing sounds interesting. A quick call to some AACM people though would begood I think. I used to hang around with a couple of them or realated folks like Bop/Blues sax player Davyd Johnson and had great discussions and was turned on to some wonderful African-American artists. MAybe, if they have some kind of newsletter/website you couls post the fact that you are looking for such artists and get some direct responses that way.


hey cook--

Did you say you were making new work?????? Back yard full of it???? Can it be???? If so, I am on the next flight to ORD!! Minus all my bodily liquids, of course.

If anyone out there knows who Leonard Peltier is, I am organizing an exhibtion of his paintings that is set to open on February 2nd, 2007. Unfortunately for most of you, it is out here in Arizona.


On Fri, 11 Aug 2006 amikos at wrote:

Sure -- the grass that doesnt grow, the dwarf sequoia, the dead bonsai. But also a suicide torpedo fish, a Sisyphusian ant pushing a rock, and a cordless toaster. Some other stuff that dont work.

And the portable flashligh which requires you to carry four lemons.

Nick Black, the other junker, opens at Unca Freddy in September. //jno


msbrandl at wrote: "Sorry Aeelms. That's how it sounded to me"

No problemo, I can be snarky myself. thanks for the note or two. working with another fellow on the show, and just doing some public cries every so often, to rumble in with the usual taste negotiations between two curators...



Sounds excellent. Take some photos and post 'em somewhere. How much for the flashlight? Are lemons included? Seriously, how much for the flashlight?

Has anyone there in Chicago ever been to Trickster Gallery out in Schaumberg?


On Mon, 14 Aug 2006 amikos at wrote:

Wait. We are out of stock. Massive lemon crop failures in North Carolina.



Dammit. My lemon futures just took a nose dive.