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March 2006, 3 posts, 87 lines


When I first ran into this I thought it had something to do with Chester's upcoming exhibition, but now that I think about it, that is known by some other name, like "Guilt" or "Failure"

from (?) Blog, by Thomas Edwards, I think.

I think I would have changed the dialog to art, rather than "crimes against society" -- something like, "Hey, you, why havent you bought anything?" or "What don't you like about the aesthetics, hey?"

Reminds me of a SAIC project I saw some years ago: a swivel mounted echo-locating automatic rifle, which would start firing at a disturbance in your home.



Brand new season of fairs and folly, they face us full force. No speculation on the latest reviews of Chicago in the following periodicals, Art Forum, Art Frieze, Art in America, Art Papers whatever. Don't see much primer on how MCA is running, with Marizio. Their's less speculation about the new scenerio as Uphues abandons BMOMA and hands its reigns over to COMA. Didn't yall see that bucketrider actually put forth a good show (booyheah). No desire to see Bridge turn into an actual poetry magazine from any of you. No desire to art in this city that foregoes the institution. Have any of you thought to bring a new work into the fold that matters looking at? Have you asked an artist to show here from elsewhere? Who is the last jackass that asked these questions. Whats the new space that has the new work that makes you want to fondle stuffed animals like an LA painter. Talk is amazing, it can be soporiphic or socratic but its usually best if it happens. Get yer gig on. Share.


I think the blip when Circle was the cool school is finally over.

I spent an excruciating hour at the MFA show tonight. Among my complaints:

What kind of support is this for a thesis a pre-mid-semester group show in a 5th floor student gallery? A thesis show, at least in theory, is a masterwork a demonstration of the ability to play with the big boys. It should be at least a pretend one-man show, not a couple of pieces in the crit space. I saw a few faculty, but no press, no gallery scouts. Somebody (Lorelei?) isn t doing their job. These kids should demand a tuition rebate.

On the other hand, with some initiative they could have had a real show Michael Rae didn t settle for the student union in Madison.

The other problem is that the work is crap.

Technically competent photos of mundane sexual fantasies, feminist pattern installations relevant 30 years ago, some kid pegging his MFA on a pun "I m Down with War". Other random accumulations. My reluctant pick as the star (in this context, sucking the least) is someone called Samuel Field, with an inverted stuffed rabbit and tar-covered log cabin. At least he bothered to make something. .. Until I wrote this I didn t see the B rer connection. I hope I m wrong.

Saturday is BFA at SAIC. Maybe hope?