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Can anyone report on the art fairs of last weekend?


On 5/9/05 1:38 AM, "jno" wrote:


Here's my estimation:

Art Chicago Thin on contemporary art...I believe there was one video work presented by the local Chicago gallery Dogmatic. Rather grotesque, but emblematic of the fair's future. Lots of prints. Glass decorative blah??? Vintage and quasi-contemporary photographs from safe corporate style haunts (i.e. Catherine Edleman). Nothing of real interest unfortunately, except some Martin Parr's and a Josef Sudek at Daiter. Europe must not of gotten invitations or felt the 57th Street Art fair may be more lucrative. In all the show reminded me of my first experience of 1993 (but double the price). Decent crowds ambling through tight corridors as paintings shook nervously on temporary walls. The layout was for shit. Always uncertain of where I was. No booksellers other than Powell's for which I visit on a weekly basis. $7 glass of red wine from a jug. Felt like I was swigging Maddog out front the Lighthouse mission on State. A mixture of anxiety and hope in the air as poor ole Thomas Blackman faces a rocky rode ahead. Will it be here next year? There will certainly be an audience. Hell, its of middle America. Something will rise from the ashes.

Nova Big expectations...still lots of work to do. If its gonna be raw...avoid the MFA style exhibition. I was uncertain if this was an SAIC thesis show or not. Nevertheless, Workman, Burtonwood et al have some good ideas and will be back next year. Energy, crowds, and pancakes served up by Industry of the Ordinary (Adam Brooks and Mat Wilson). Tasty. Also, Bridge is opening up a space on Washington for artists to rent. Cheap rents for the location. Could be a hub for younglings. I wish them the best.

Chicago Contemporary and Classic You have got to be kidding me. Looked at the website. Thought about burning down Navy Pier on principle, but ended up getting brunch with my wife, Sandy, at Wishbone. I would gamble that the red beans and rice were more engaging.

Regards, Chester Costello


The University of Michigan Club of Greater Chicago is seeking submissions from visual artists for an exhibition October 20-23, 2005 to be held at the Around the Coyote gallery in Wicker Park. To participate in this curated show you must be a University of Michigan alum. It does not matter what degree you received from U of M. We just want to see the breadth of what our alums are creating - painting, photography, sculpture, performance art, dancing, poetry, film, music -whatever. All alums in Chicagoland are welcome to submit. The Johnsonese Gallery is sponsoring this event and the three 'best-of-show' artists will be offered an opportunity to exhibit at the gallery in early 2006. For an application, please contact Jason LaBelle at jasonlabelle at or me at info at

Please feel free to pass this message on to your friends in the arts!

There is more information below.

Chris Johnson


Johnsonese Gallery LLC

Coming Soon to Bucktown!


info at

University of Michigan Club of Greater Chicago 2nd Annual Alumni Art Show

We wish to support and promote University of Michigan artists in the Chicago area by bringing alumni together to exhibit their art in a supportive environment. By doing so we hope to make more accessible to University of Michigan alumni the rich, multi-disciplinary arts community of Chicago. This event also serves as a fundraiser for the University of Michigan scholarship fund and Around the Coyote, a non-profit emerging arts organization centered in Wicker Park.

This exhibition is open to all U of M alumni regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental ability. We require that artists live in or have ties to the greater Chicago area. All works submitted are to be original pieces created by the submitting artist. The University of Michigan Club of Greater Chicago reserves the right to deny any submission or request the removal of work.


Linda Dorman and Tom are reopening Uncle Freddy again somewhere in Indiana, and adding a "gift shoppe" (duh) to generate some sort of income. They want to sell -- art, fabrications, and things.

I suggested fireworks and corn liquor, but they dont like that. If you make anything worth selling (God, I can see the candles and greeting cards now), contact them. She can be reached at linda at

Oh, wait, here is the official promo:

The New Uncle Freddy's will feature a museum quality gift shop, art classes, Torluemke Studio, and the cutting edge contemporary art gallery we are known for.

She is also my dealer, so I have some intrest in this. So, folks, rummage through yr museum quality possesions, and be prepared to deliver to
- 2635 Highway Avenue, Highland, Indiana They reopen in July.

TBH /jno


From: B. Koenen

Federal Artist Deduction Bill

New legislation has been proposed in both the US House and Senate that would allow artists to take a tax deduction for the fair market value of works that they create and subsequently donate to arts organizations...

It's too late now. /jno


I just got a copy of the April (Fool's Day?) Caca Journal from Jeff Huebner who passed it to me on the street as if it were "Street Wise." Was this issue late? This is May. At first glance it was about the disappearance of the MoCA.

Disappearing institutions have become a Chicago way of life. It probably doesn't matter to be a month late (the issue is not at the Caca website yet), the comments about the cathedral space, the foo-foo garden, and the perennial complaint about curatorial practices are relevant any time.

But I think perhaps the headline article by Yood, "Museum Disappears, Public Slow to React," could have been reversed to read as "Public Slow to React, Museum Disappears."