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November 2005, 6 posts, 132 lines


This was a rough week for all involved, but nonetheless here (hear?) we are, like Gloria Gaynor, we shall survive.


Terror! Mayhem! Plagues! Fires!!!

This week's show had to endure horrors beyond description, those of you conversational with me know what woe has befallen the kingdom, but dammit, the show goes on!

This week: The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators! Duncan reviews a book! 10 seconds of Shannon Stratton! A whole interview got cut because the artist didn't like what they had to say!!! A record review I recorded a month ago!!!!!!

Wow, that's a lot of show for your podcasting dollar.


Hopefully less chaos! Reviews, Jeff from Three Walls and Duncan talk about some smart-person-discussion-thing they went to and more!


Libsyn, who hosts our stuff has really been a pain in our collective Bad at Sports ass this week, so many of you tried to download last weeks show had trouble, we re sorry, they suck, we will beat them up as soon as we can find their offices. Don t forget to download Episode #10, good stuff!


We really will get back to reviews at some point, but there is just too much to talk about in the interview department! Lou Mallozzi, Executive Director of the Experimental Sound Studio, artist, and educator, talks about the Open Ear Festival of Sound (November 13, 2005 December 15, 2005) and the 20th Anniversary of ESS! Also, Duncan talks to Jonathan Rhodes Executive Director of Three-Walls about Nato Thompson s lecture on Art Activist Communities. We talk about why Scott Speh hates Canadians. Duncan and Richard sing a duet!! If you miss this you will have nothing to discuss around the water cooler next week, loser!


Michelle Grabner? Shane Campbell? Reviews? Stupidity? Richard and Duncan have a Beat-It style knife fight to the death while Eddie Van Halen solos? In the immortal words of Ed Gein when asked by his Wisconsin Parole Board if he intended to eat anyone else if they released him who can tell?


Hopefully you will find something to be really angry about in show 12 as this list has been dull dull dull since I stopped making people mad.


Michelle Grabner! We show up with bagels and coffee to interview artist, critic, gallerist, teacher, and writer Michelle Grabner in her Oak Park Studio. Michelle has written criticism for more magazines than I can comfortably count, and shown her work internationally. We talk about her career, the state of art in Chicago, and why she can t find a decent solo show to review for Art Forum.

And as if that discussion isn t enough to fuel thoughtful conversation for weeks and provide enough grist for the intellectual mill, Duncan and I review current shows. And, for the first time, we completely, utterly, and collectively dislike something!

We review the Hyde Park Art Center s new show of James Faulkner s work, the Smart Museum s exhibition Beyond Green: Toward a Sustainable Art, the Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery s show Art in the Abstract, and the Renaissance Society s exhibition All the Pretty Corpses.


[more] was dull then too


Perhaps, but it was dull in a different way.

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We're bad-assed and we're back for more merriment! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your mailman: the bestest damn podcast in Chicago is back again, like clockwork, for another weekly dose of art reviewage!


Reviews, reviews, reviews!!! Tropicalia at the MCA, the non-art art show at Loyola, A bunch of stuff at the Cultural Center and more!! Singing hosts, great music cues, mirth, mayhem, and music. Special guest, writer, critic, and giant of consciousness Joanna Topor mocks "author" Rick Moody's talk at the MCA and suffers the slings and arrows of my comedic editing. Styx!!! Holy guacamole! Who could ask for anything more?


I have no freaking idea. I think our West Coast correspondent Brian Andrews will be in town to shill for his forthcoming show at 40000. Why am I the only person on this show not in the queue for a show at 40000? Clearly I don't say enough nice things about Britton Bertran (I love you Britton!).