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I second that comment.

It seems most lectures are driven by colleges which operate on the 9-5 schedule far too often. I've had a few opportunities to have lectures where the speakers used the college gig to get paid but would also do performances/talks for free at deadtech in the evening because they felt they could be more candid or that they related to the audience a bit more outside the collegate "network."

Here's where webcasting comes in as a viable alternative I guess... Problem with that is it usually doesn't pan out. Did anyone see the Kac session. I tried tuning in multiple times with no luck at all. The page was also running the RealPlayer client as an embedded ActiveX component so it would only come up OK in Internet Explorer. But even with IE I never saw it. Was it me or did anybody else see it via the web? Looks like there's going to be archived video up on the kent law site.

This, at least, is a step in the right direction.


Hello to all--

Amazingly, the stars and moons have correctly aligned again, producing the next installment of Gravy magazine. Mohammet and I are expecting to finish layout and preproduction soon, and go to press just before Halloween.

As Gravy is an opportunity for all Chicago artists/gallerys/spaces/one offs/etc. to get their word out, we are offering space in this issue for you to use. This truly goes for everybody. No budget, small budget, garage space, attic, squat, way out, way in, hip, square, nerd, mod, unwashed, Vespa rockers, Ark shoppers, drinkers, smokers (cough), Moodys, Moonies, ADD's, tech heads, site specifics, with or without the little numbered pins, with or without a coke and a smile at the door...

Send your show announcements and/or future openings. Photos of your work. Rants, reviews, or prognostications. We are also considering: Wedding announcements, duels (five to ten paces), dirty want ads (no guarantees)

This is sort of a blanket email, so to all I have discussed this with previously, now is the time to get it to me. Email is the easiest, but paper copy is workable too. Slides require more time, so if you send them they better be good.

Send it (quickly) to: Adam Mikos Packing Dept C/O A.I.C 125 E Monroe Chicago, IL 60603

We will be doing a run of 1,000 copies, and stocking them in more stores then before, so rest assured it will be seen.

In addition, we are working on compiling a list of all websites concerning Chicago art/artists, for inclusion in issue 8/9. This can be a very powerful list as the more and more people are coming to this city through the phone lines before they come in person. For example, Jno Cooks "" (also the site that carrys Gravy's web page) logged its 500,000th hit a few months ago.

Feel free to contact me at this email address, or this secure phone line. (312) 307.2613

I hope to this issue the best one yet,