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A long time ago we talked about failure. Chester was gonna make a show about it. Apparently, in a fit of drunk typing, I agreed to be a part of it.

It happened. Since I've failed to make any art recently, I sent him some home-made canned goods. I assume I did them right and they are not toxic.

I probably should talk to Chester first, but typing in public in ignorance is always potentially more interesting. I missed the opening, assume most of you did, too. So did the pears. But they did get there.

Did he eat them? display them? get scaired and throw them away?

There's a presentation October 25, for any of you who wnat to go to Peoria at noon on a Wednesday. I'm probably going to miss it, too. Sorry, Chester. Good luck with the show.



On Sat, 7 Oct 2006, michael bulka wrote:

Hi Michael;

Chester seems to have anticipated that some people might never carry through, so he has a number of placards hung for those who failed to deliver. Funny, and a better solution than the usual curatorial anguish about unreliable artists.

I'll be sure to go visit your canned pears on October 25. By the way, St Francis is in Joliet (500 Wilcox), not Peoria, but the address shows nowhere on the poster. To boot, "gallary" and "Wednsday" are misspellled. It is a conspiracy of failures. And I have been calling Chester, "Michael" for years.



Jno - To boot, "gallary" and "Wednsday" are misspellled. It is a conspiracy of failures.

Now I understand why you host this list serve. I had no idea that you had a spelling fetish typo (winka-wink) MT/DB PS Bulka, theys some pretty awesome boxes of art peridiocals you sent my way. just wante d to say thanx. we Mis you. (winka-wink)


Yes the show, "Something to Do with Failure" did go on and there are failures even on the poster...possibly a conspiracy of failures///possibly not??? I will let the jury apply a verdict. Basically, you ask the designer to add a little something...and they reallllllly did it more cleverly than I anticipated...the best misspelling is the artist, Lucinda Luvaas's last name...I caught the other two noted by Thomas...but, Luvass...did get by and she was certainly not amused (ouch).

A couple interesting things about the show... 1. There were three artists listed on the poster who, failed to send work. 2. Bulka's canned goods have not been tried yet, but are on display with a sign that states he failed to produce a work and sent these "tasty" treats instead. 3. A poster for the show was sent to William Conger at Northwestern, but he too "failed" to submit, work...maybe he will show up the 25th? He was one of the major catalysts for the show as was Jno and all the rest apart of the othergroup cult 4. Also, one work has failed to be installed due to technical difficulties, but will be up in the next week (or so) 5. The show is up and...honestly it looks pretty damn good. The USF population has said this maybe one of the more honest shows presented at the university.

You can see info at:


Additional images will be posted.

Anyway, there will be an informal presentation on the 25th of October with a small reception at noon.

Details: University of St. Francis MPAC Gallery 500 Wilcox Street Joliet, IL 60435

P - 815.740.3821

Give me a bell with any questions.

Best and xoxoxo

Chester (Alamo & Costello)

On 10/8/06 3:38 AM, "Michael S. Thomas" dogmaticgallery at wrote:


If you'd like Bad at Sports will be glad to fail to discuss it on the show.

Chester Costello wrote:


Sure Richard...if you

If you must not "fail", please send some questions or give me a bell (cell - 312.206.8938.

The show is up till December.


On 10/8/06 8:29 AM, "Richard Holland" rholland at wrote:


I'll have to look for the poster since I've not been to NU since last April.

As I recall I thought the show concept was a particularly bad idea, a sort of foolish joke and a waste of resources and gallery space and not something I'd want to participate in with my work. Yet I'm always ready to be persuaded to a different view, if only for the sake of fun, I will try, maybe, to be on hand, the 25th, When, exactly, and where, exactly?

William Conger


"I thought the show concept was a particularly bad idea, a sort of foolish joke and a waste of resources and gallery space and not something I'd want to participate in with my work."

Holy crap William you really *must* start doing reviews for Bad at Sports, this makes us look downright mild mannered. Nice work.

This is almost as good as when Duncan referred to a show by stating that he would rather look at the British Fetish journal where women shove food down their pants than look at the photographs in a show he was reviewing.



On Sun, 8 Oct 2006, Richard Holland wrote:

LOL! Spat my coffee all over the monitor. I'll add that to "reviewed" column on my resume (not the coffee spatters, the not-discussion). /jno


Haaa. Haven't enjoyed an othergroup series like that in a while. The Failure show almost sounds like an uncomfortable spaces concept.

Wish I could see it adam mikos


Wow, rather tough words, William! I checked out the website and although the idea is a bit "cute," I think it looks like it could be a lot of fun to see and /or be in. Sometimes that's okay too! Mark Staff Brandl


Hi Mark;

OK. It was just my opinion.

William Conger

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