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Hey Groupers,

I am having a party at my house on Saturday and most of you know I throw good parties. The event is in honor of Augusta Gallery and there will be a meager cover ($10) but food, drinks, and cheer are included. Its early, 6:00 - 10:00, so you can start your Labor Day weekend Saturday off right.

Augusta Gallery is an alternative space at Augusta and California right by the Clipper. Everyone is welcome.


saturday 9/4/04 6-10 1942 n Wolcott Chicago il

PS. If this is considered an inappropriate use of this list, my apologies.


Dear Curt, Your party sounds like fun, but Dave and I are in Johannesburg and Cape Town for the next 2 months and are working and partying here. Hope to you you around when we get back. Have a fun party. Claire Claire Wolf Krantz cwkrantz at


I will remove the links from the top of the page, unless someone will take over. Where ever is Scott? /jno

Some of you will ask, "top of what page?"


Top of what page? Okay, I figured it out.

With Scott's knee problems he might not be able to see as much art as before
- he may only be able to recommend the shows happening next to his own space at Lisa Boyle Gallery. (I really hope that knee gets better, man. That brace has gotta suck).

There are what? 70 OG's? It shouldn't be hard for that many people to periodically weigh in with a positive or negative opinion of something they have seen around town, or a suggestion of something to go see.

Right now I can mainly recommend music, as usual, because I hate most art. :-) The Sunn O))) album "White2" on double white vinyl with a sweet gatefold is one of the most beautifully produced art objects I've seen in a while. And it has superb cover art by Bruegel so I'm not off-topic. Great music too.

For those of you who still haven't made the trek to Mess Hall, there is a new show about Mapping that opens on Friday (more info on Lotsa energy and thought went into the organization of this one. It's gonna be rich and dense with visuals and info and there are a ton of programs happening around it to check out. (I didn't work on it so I don't mind plugging my organizational cohorts' endeavor here)

Also, if I wuz you I'd make a point to see the dutch masters The Ex at the Empty Bottle next Wed. the 12th. The Ex don't come around all that often (though it has only been about a year or so since the last visit). They are the most vital band that has been going 25 years that most people have still never heard of (I'd challenge anyone to think of a band that has kept their integrity as long as The Ex and are still making decent albums). They aren't just musicians but well rounded artists and good thinkers. A true inspiration. Oh, and they are one of the most exciting and entertaining live bands ever.


jno wrote:


Scott stopped writing art criticism when he opened a commercial gallery. He feels it's a conflict of interest to publicly praise or trash shows. He'll tell you his opinion privately, of course. And he's refering to himself in the third person, which is annoying.

Quoting jno :


Sorry I got the date wrong on The Ex show.

Wed. Sept. 15th. The Ex; Triage - record release 9:30 PM at the Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western



Sorry groupers, I can't give any good art picks either. Nor can I speak about Scott Speh in the third person. (or can I?) I've been too busy putting together the WhiteWalls show and performances for Hyde Park, which I won't say is worth seeing--that would be tacky--but I just may plead and ask that my many sleepless nights not go for naught.

I can second Marc on the SunnO))) recommendation. I'll also add the Melvins tomorrow at the Double Door. Or OOIOO at the Empty Bottle in November for those in a more uptempo pop mood.

Also I'll add that records of noise-fields by Sunroof! and Hototogisu can be extremely meditative when you are panic-style setting up shows until the wee hours of the night.

Oh, and I haven't seen it, but based on past performance, just how bad could the new John Neff exhibition be? It would have to, at the least, be interesting. anthony


Hi All,

I'm experimenting again.

I have this idea about hitting the art scene hard on a Friday night, and publishing highlights that night, in time for the weekend.

Experiment 2 is a different writing style than review and critique that I've seen. I think conceptual art needs a different type of style. I don't think the current descriptions work. So I'm playing with that.

If you are bored you are welcome to tell me on line or off what you think. It's [] and at the bottom is a link called Friday Night Flash Review

And yes, yes, I hit the usual suspects at West loop gate. It won't always be that way, as a general rule I like the more indy spaces.



Weeks go by and again, OG is silent.

Those of you who saw The Ex or The Melvins as per Mr. Elms and my recommendations could not possibly have been disappointed. Both shows were plenty different from one another but equally masterful, hypnotic, and extraordinary. The Ex - on their 25th anniversary no less - sounded as vital and energetic as ever. The Melvins - on their 20th anniversary - have never sounded more experimental and interesting. Both groups knew the value of pulling some great surprises. The Melvins shocked the shit out of people by bringing Jello Biafra onstage seemingly out of nowhere for a few songs. The Ex borrowed Ken Vandermark to kick things up about ten notches and really knock everyone on their asses. I didn't recognize many OGs or visual artists at either show. Don't you folks enjoy live music?

And speaking of live music, I recommend Paul Dickinson's show "Music for Worms and Compost" at Suitable that opened on Friday. Paul's work - the things that I have seen - has been a little hit or miss for me. This show is more compelling than other projects I've experienced because in addition to providing an interesting sound source, here the presentation of the sound source is nicely conceived and visually satisfying. Also, unlike past projects I have seen (again, I haven't seen every show), this project has live sound rather than recorded documentation.

So what do the worms and compost sound like? Well, they might have had a little stage fright on opening night - or perhaps it wasn't quiet enough, or maybe when I implored Paul to open the lid so I could see those blood red nightcrawlers in action it made them nervous. But the object gives off a vibe that feels pregnant with possibility - as though if one waits long enough for the worms to find the coveted hunk of carrot pulp, wild screeching and orgasmic sounds of delight might erupt throughout the Suitable garage.

Anyway, check it out. Marc