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September 2006, 3 posts, 57 lines


I put a wooden chair on the parkway front lawn. This lasted a month, with the chair assuming differing pleasing aesthetic positions on a daily basis. It replaced the rocking chair I had had next to the porch.

My neighbors though it was a great idea. One wanted to spend a night smoking cigars while sitting on the chair. He settled for surrounded it with empty beer and wine bottles.

A suit working next door asked if that was some sort of altar. Then a city worker removed all the empties.

Then two nore wooden chairs showed up. I marched the three around the lawn on a daily basis in various formation. I added branches, and hung dog shit from them (which yet another person had left) in plastic bags. Sometimes neighbors rearranged the chairs, or left CDs and greeting cards.

After a week some junker stole the chairs. He probably needed to sell them. I removed the branches, and the dog shit. The lawn is a blank slate again.

- Next I am installing an upright vacuum cleaner.


Thanks for the chairs, I got $11.75 for them.



It took 6 days to build, using poppyseeds, mace, sesame and turmeric, among other spices. It has graced the lobby of the Silk Road Oasis for little over a month. Now, I'll be printing the Silk Road War Rug, this Saturday September 23 at 3:00.

Please join us if you are in the neighborhood.

Silk Road Oasis, 72 E. Randolph Street Click here for my website, [] and then click "flickr" to see the Silk Road installation

Best, Barbara Koenen