[] Jesse Bercowetz

"Stall Writings" at Beret International Gallery, February 1996

See also ["Sleep Late"]

Installation view, 8 x 3 x 5 feet, anodized aluminum, laser etched

Gallery installation view

[] []
"Stall Writings" 7 x 5 inches, anodized aluminum, laser etched

Stall Writings

The white album



Mudhoney is an illusion

Ok, what is mudhoney




The Irish


Imbreed Instead !

Eat my pussy

Suck my dick

Let me jerk you off

Where and when


We are all animals

Some more so than others

We anit gat nutin to prove

This is a place 2 dump your

gutz not a place to bust

your nutz


Black power

Sullen girls suck harder

my black pussy waits to be filled

my girlfriends crack is

deep and wide why, I could

almost jump inside.

I'm sure her other holes are better.

go home dad your drunk

why do we let fags live

To make narrow minded fools like yourself


looking for male sex partner.

PREFER; white, under 6' with

medium build.


I'd Love for the

Blonde Lady Cashier

to Piss in my Mouth !

John Doe is nobody.

I'm a mother fucker

I fuck white mothers.

Judas needed the money

for a sick friend

O God Help me I'm Sufferin

Sweetheart so am I

From what ? Everything.

Who cares.

This space for


I like to Wear

Womens shoes

Dear God

Please Help

These People

To Be More

Like Me

Have you done enough today

to absolve yourself

from tomarrow's doom ?

I will wade in

the Red River

But I will not

Drink From It

Some cry

Rich flower day

Lid 13


Don't throw tooth picks in

the toilets the crabs can

pole vault


8 1/2 rules

Read C.J. Jung




Kiss sucks


Normal Position

Gee your hair smells terrific

FREE BLOW JOB 333-0465

Dick not lest ye be dicked

Luke 4:1

Pot hot pussy on the food bar

woman who fly upside down

has hairy crack





The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Bachelor of Fine Arts 1996

Selected One Person Exhibitions:

"New Low", Beret International Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 1996

"New Work", Ripe Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky 1994

"Urban Totems", Capital Arts Center, Bowling Green, Kentucky 1993

"Recent Sculpture", Clara M. Eagle Gallery, Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky 1990

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Art Expo '96, Uncomfortable Spaces, Chicago, Illinois 1996

Arco 1996, Uncomfortable Spaces, Madrid, Spain 1996

*"Redemption Through Rubbernecking", Works Gallery, San Jose, California 1996

*"Outside In", Riverside Art Center, Riverside, Illinois 1996

"Human Nature", Union Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 1996

"Cozzi Metal", Cozzi Metal Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois 1995

"Beret's Worst Show", Beret International Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 1994

*"Monsters", World Tattoo Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 1994

"Salvage Art", Kentucky Arts Foundation, Louisville, Kentucky 1993

"Recent Drawings", Ripe Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky 1993

"Found on the Way", C.A.G.E. Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio 1992


* "Dead and Unknown", Art Institute of Chicago Sculpture Garden, Chicago, Illinois 1995

* "Boogie", 1400 Block of South Michigan, Chicago, Illinois 1995

* "Drop-Off #3", 1300 Block of South Wabash, Chicago, Illinois 1994

* "An Armpit Present", 1600 Block of North Halsted, Chicago, Illinois 1994

* "On-Site Sculpture", Howard Finster's Paradise Garden, Summerville, Georgia 1992

* "Drop-Off #2", Canal Parking Lot, Broad Ripple, Indiana 1992

* "Drop-Off #1", 400 Block of Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 1991

*"Slurs, Blurs, Recent Renderings and Other Devices", 431 Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana 1992

"Installation", Millworks Gallery, Akron, Ohio 1990


* "Art Car Parade", Aaron Packer Gallery, Chicago, Illinois 1995

* "Bark Twice", Pilsen Arts Festival, Chicago, Illinois 1995

* "Five Finger Discount", Armpit's Roving Street Gallery , Chicago, Illinois 1995

* "120 Minutes with Armpit", Radio Show, WNDE with Ed Johnson-Ott, Indianapolis, Indiana 1994

* "Cocoon", Culture Shock Festival, Bloomington, Indiana 1994

* "Walk #2", 120 miles, Indianapolis, Indiana to Cincinnati, Ohio 1993

* "Renegade Artists", Radio Show, WNDE with Ed Johnson-Ott, Indianapolis, Indiana 1993

* "Walk #1", 52 miles, Bloomington, Indiana to Indianapolis, Indiana 1993

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* Projects produced collaboratively with Armpit: A Roving Street Gallery and the general public.

See also ["Sleep Late"]
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