Beret International Gallery


1550 North Milwaukee Avenue, 2nd Floor,
Chicago IL 60622
Phone: 773 489 6518; Fax: 773 395 8566

Contact: Ned Schwartz

Gallery hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1-5pm, or by appointment

at Beret International Gallery..

Beret's Final Show

Michael Slattery, Jno Cook, Karen Reimer, Alison Ruttan, Val Vagardson, Dennis Kowalski, Lisa Norton, Tom McDonald, Alan Bolle, Patrick Laverne, Anne Marie Morris, Phil Kotulski, Dzine, Ron Grenko, and more.

Closing party for the gallery

Saturday, May 20, 6:00 -10:00 pm


For Immediate Release

Opening on Friday April 14, 2000
will be one last venue featuring various gallery artists.

After 10 years, Beret International Gallery will close. Someday, it might resurrect anew in another shape or form. As the founder and director, I am satisfied that it has offered a solid platform and a decent alternative forum for the participating artists. Along with directing the gallery, being a part of the consortium of "Uncomfortable Spaces," was a gratifying endeavor. Our group of galleries seemed to attract artists and inspire other entrepreneurs into Chicago's enterprising world of alternative galleries.

The average gallery would close by sending out a final statement for the press. Representing "Art for Rocket Scientists and Brain Surgeons," Beret has never been average. Being an alternative gallery, alternate avenues of closure will be explored.

In addition to a final exhibition, Beret will host

Who Wants To Be A Gallery Owner?

I would like to hear from anyone interested in creating a new gallery in Beret's space. There will be 5 meetings for patrons to provide their input about how Beret's gallery space could be utilized. Five meetings should conveniently accommodate all who wish to attend at least one time.

If successful, the gallery's ending will be a popular event. The public is invited and will hopefully appear for a final reflection. I want to hear what you think. And, I want to know who might consider continuing in the spirit what Beret has begun.

Some of my ideas are:

  1. A not-for profit gallery (or a for profit enterprise) dedicated to cutting edge art by Chicago area artists;
  2. A gallery featuring recent graduates from Chicago Area Art Schools;
  3. Having 3 or 4 like minded galleries sharing the 4000 ft2 of space Beret currently occupies (the current configuration of the loft space would make this idea economically viable);
  4. Having someone sublease the 4000 ft2 of central Wicker Park loft space;

If you are interested in participating with a new gallery or wish to discuss related ideas, please stop by or call (773) 297-9115.

Lastly, there will be a garage/loft sale, and closing party. There is lots of good stuff available at bargain prices: track lights, ladders, tools, furniture, knickknacks, and even art work.

Schedule of events:

Who wants to be a gallery owner? meetings are:

Thursdays on April 20th & 27 630 to 8pm,
and Saturdays April 15, April 29, & May 6, 3 - 430pm

Please call (773) 489-6518 for up to date information

I am tremendously thankful to everyone who has made Beret International Gallery possible. Certainly, there are all of the artists, supportive audience, critics, collectors, empathic gallery owner cohorts, and those who generously volunteered their labor making it possible to keep the doors open for as long as it has.

Chicago is a challenging art market, especially for contemporary venues focusing on the cutting edge. I wish everyone the best of luck. I thank everyone who has participated and helped me out over the years, your enthusiastic contributions have been sincerely appreciated.

-- Ned Schwartz

Beret International Gallery
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2nd fl
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 489-6518/ (773) 297-9115


Sonya Baysinger - Jesse Bercowetz - Alan Bolle - Timothy S. Brower - Patrick Collier - Jno Cook - Eric Dietz - Elise Ferguson - Ron Grenko - Marc Alan Jacobs - Paul Kass - Philip Kotulski - Dennis Kowalski - Michael Merchant - Lisa Norton - Todd Parola - Michael Piazza - Ben Pranger - Karen Reimer - Alison Ruttan - Mike Slattery - Sonny Venice - Lance D. Warren

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