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Subject: BUFF: Holland Tunnel > Guggenheim Adventure


Paulien Lethen, Director (718) 384-5738
Aron Namenwirth, Buff (718) 302-9314
Jesse Bercowetz, Buff (917) 363-4783

Holland Tunnel

More BUFF Adventures:

Hours: November 13 - December 5,  Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm  or by
Opening Saturday November 13,  6  - 8 pm

BUFF: Secret Hide Out Pad


The Holland Tunnel presents a performance installation by: Jesse
Bercowetz, Matt Bua,   Aron Namenwirth and others.  Buff will move
their  headquarters to the Holland Tunnel.    This project incorporates:
an installation archive, body sculpting, horticulture, and a Buff
apparel shop.  Buff apparel, Brooklyn Jungle Weed and  bottled  sweat
will be available.

Sunday November 7,  7am til finished

BUFF: Holland Tunnel ; Guggenheim Adventure
A run from the Holland Tunnel to the Guggenheim, and a leisurely stroll
through central park to the Andrea Zittel rock where we will stretch out
and relax. (Meet at the Holland Tunnel, Williamsburg at 7am)
Saturday October  23,  3pm til sunset

BUFF: Guggenheim ; George Washington Bridge Adventure.
As a warm-up Buff has planned a bicycle ride from the Guggenheim Museum
over the George Washington Bridge. We will be joined by the
distinguished gallery dealer and cyclist extraordinaire Jack Tilton, who
will lead us pedaling.  ( Meet in front of the Guggenheim uptown at 3pm)

This project is an exploration into  landmarks, crossing, transdressing,
trespassing, and urinating.
Holland Tunnel is located at 61 South Third Street Between Berry and
Wythe Avenues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Accessible by car just over the Williamsburg Bridge or take the M or J
to Marcy Avenue. or just hop on the L to Bedford Avenue and walk south.

......................... project description .............

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From: Jesse Bercowetz 
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Subject: buff

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Buff  -  a work out project         #2              5-31-99
         updated    9-3-99

Aron, Aimee, Jesse, and Matt have plans to get really Buff this summer.
We have  been running 4-5 miles at the track-distance training, weight
lifting at Momenta and practicing Yoga . Buff worked out on a climbing
wall installed in Chris and Kristens James Studio. We also ran to White
Columns  where we hung our smelly  shirts on the wall .

There has been an over whelming response to  the first news letter: such
positive encouragement, great health tips, exercise programs, project
proposals and performance invitations .

All of your responses have been extremely beneficial to our progress,please
continue to correspond and feel  free to join Buff for any of our schedule
activities. Buff has big plans for a  fall  of health , leisure, and, as
always optimal physical, mental and spiritual conditioning.

Current Training Program:

The program is getting more complex and the locations change so you
should call or email us to get weekly updates, time s, and locations. 

Current Role Models:
Buffy, Jett Li, Guy Debord, Malcom X, 

Core Members Statistics:
                3/9/99      5/31/99 9/3/99  
Jesse Bercowetz 5^“ 9^‘   165 lbs.                 
Matt Bua        5^“ 11^‘  175 lbs.    NA      NA
Aimee Mower 5^“ 4^‘   110 lbs.    NA      NA
Aron Namenwirth 5^“ 7^‘   173 lbs.    167lbs.                 170lbs.

New members:

4/20/99  Mike Asente Joined Buff just in time for our premiere at
momenta art.

4/25/99  Patrick O^“Hare has joined buff as our main artistic

5/22/99 Chris James and Kristen   have begun training us in rock

7/99 Eric Heist and Laura Parnes for the use Of Momenta Art

Health Tips From:

Ken Butler, Christine Nichols, Tony Wight, Heike Bartels, Jim Broadway,
Pablo Helgera, pat and allen Bercowetz, Marilyn Mower, Jno Cook, Peter
Barret, Andrew, David Schroeder, Laura McGough, Joe Amrheim, John
Giglio,Carolee Klimchock, Aviv Kruglanski, Simon Watson, Brian Coleman,

Coming Attractions:  

-A run from Brooklyn through Queens to the Guggenheim a sprint up the
spiral. Then a clothing change and leisurely stroll to the Andrea Zittel
rock in central park  were Pablo Helgera will give us singing  lessons
and breathing exercises.  (November during the N.Y. Marathon.)

-Training at momenta (In July)

-Buff sports wear and drinks. (On going)

-Bike ride over  the George Washington Bridge at sunset with Jack Tilton.

Contacts for comments and suggestions:

166n12th st. Brooklyn 11211     718.302.9314

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Site Host: Counterpoint Networking Inc, www.cpoint.net
URL: http://spaces.org/archive/spaces/buff.htm