Reviews of
The Uncomfortable [] Spaces

[] (Updated 14 April 2000) This is a partial listing of published reviews of the Uncomfortable Spaces Galleries in Chicago.

The reviews are presented in reverse historical order; 2000 -1991. There have been well over 300 reviews, but only reviews dealing with the Uncomfortable Spaces are listed here.

[] Tough Gallery
(on Tough's closing)
April 1999; Gravy Magazine; "Tough bows out" - Walter Andersons

Full [text] of the article.

[] [] Beret International, Ten In One Gallery [-]
Patric Lavergne at Beret International; Group Show at Ten in One Gallery
March 11, 1999; Chicago Tribune; "Contemporary collision finds art and collecting at odds" - Alan G. Artner

"Both [shows] expand our notion of what 'art' can be, but in time honored fashion, the forms the pieces take work against then being widely collectable."

[] Ten In One Gallery [+]
June 12, 1997; Reader; "Ten in One on the Fence" by Jeff Huebner

"Rising rents and fleeing artists have Wicker Park fixture Joel Lieb eyeing New York real estate."

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
July 31, 1997; Time Out, New York; "Uncomfortable" by Jerry Saltz; Uncomfortable Spaces Exhibition at TZ' Art & Co (New York City) July 1997.

"Whatever signs of life Chicago shows at the moment are due in large part to three shoestring galleries ... known collectively as the Uncomfortable Spaces"

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
May 9 1997; Chicago Tribune; "Welcome to the Bazaar" by Alan G. Artner, about "Art 1997" international art exposition at Navy Pier.

"Here, outposts gathered under the banner "Uncomfortable Spaces" -- Beret, Ten in One, and Tough galleries -- have consistently shown their artists are as challenging as any represented at the fair . . ."

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
November 29 1996; Chicago Tribune; "Not obvious but first-rate " by Alan Artner

Lists the Uncomfortable Spaces galleries as the best of contemporary art in Chicago, "The places to go for much of the riskiest work by local artists."

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
September 9 1996; Newsweek; "There Goes the neighborhood" by Peter Plagens

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
Summer 1996; Art and Antiques; "A Tale of Three Cities" by Andrew Patner

[] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
July 26 1996; Reader; "Schwartz's Folly" by Jeff Huebner

Lead article, a description and history of the Uncomfortable Spaces Galleries, concentrating mainly on Beret International and Ned Schwartz.

[] Tough Gallery [+]
July/August 1996; CAC Newsletter; An interview with Rich Kelly and description of Tough gallery.

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
May/June 1996; Dialogue; "In With the Out Crowd" by Timothy Porges. An update of a prior article (by Susan Snodgrass) on Uncomfortable Spaces in 1992.

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
April 1996; Travel And Leisure;
"The Next Great Neighborhood" by Kimberley Sevcik

[] Ten in One Gallery [+]
March 1996; New Art Examiner;
"Random shots from the Hog Butcher to the World" by Joel Lieb

"Here in Chicago we have collectors who don't collect."

[] Ten in One [+]
June 1995; Art and Antiques; "Chicago: A Collector's Kind of Town" by Ann Wiems

". . . an excellent place to see the work of up-and-coming Chicago artists."

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
May 14 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Art 1995 Blossoms" by Alan Artner

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
May 7 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Buyer be aware" by Alam Artner

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
December 25 1994; Chicago Tribune; "Wither Wicker Park" by Connie Lauerman

[] [] [] West Side Gallery District [+]
August 29, 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Home is where the art is" by Alan Artner

West side gallery district, Coyote, U. S. mentioned.

[] Beret International [+]
June 1993; CAC Bulletin; "A Closer Look: Beret International" by Carole Stodder (interview with Ned Schwartz)

[] Beret International [+]
May 1993; Candy; "Vote Twice Coupon Art Runs Into Big Guns" by Jno Cook (reviews Ned Schwartz's "Vote Twice" Coupons)

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
December 1992; New Art Examiner; "Beyond the comfort Zone" by Michael Bulka; Overview over the Uncomfortable Spaces

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
October 16 1992; F Magazine; "Uncomfortable Spaces" by Claudine Lo Monaco

Uncomfortable Spaces [-]
October 13, 1992; WBEZ Morning Program; "Alternative Galleries" by Terry McCullon

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