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Site Policies

First, it is free. Therefore there is no contract, and there are no obligations. The site is mutable. You can request corrections and changes at any time. Anything you see on the index page will go away in a month or so anyway.

Some additional things to be taken for granted..

(Updated March 2004) This site was a gift from Counterpoint Networking Inc for seven years. Late in 2003 Spaces.org and a number of other domains moved to a virtual server in California, under the name (which shows up in some email) of Mylar. In March of 2004 we moved to Texas: bigger, faster. Now called Rayon or Mylar or some such substance. It has since seen it on a shelf in Portland, OR. It is still digital-surplus gift-ware, thanks to Kees and Outflux.

Spaces.org had been used for five years (1996 - 2000) to promote the Uncomfortable Spaces galleries in Chicago. In 2000, with the closing of Beret International, the end came to ten years of Uncomfortable Spaces galleries in Chicago. The name "Spaces" remains in use. We started listing other galleries in 1999, after Tough Gallery closed.

I continued to run Spaces.org as a matter of passing a favor, not for hits or patronage. I don't get funds, better part-time-teaching gigs, a fulltime job, or any sort of other work, appreciation, respect, or honor. I've only added my name as a mailto-link in 2004.

I have continued to run this site because I feel that surplus resources ought to be freely re-distributed rather than hoarded, if this can be done effectively. If people get disinterested in posting shows at Spaces.org, I can always close it.

Aa matter of fact, I got real busy with another project, and Spaces came to a standstill from 2004 through 2009. Started it up again in spring of 2010.

Anyway, if you are starting up a gallery, have a gallery, are an alternative gallery, even if you are a gallery with a website already, and want to list openings on the Spaces.org index page, go read the [Listings] page first.

Purposes of this site

Ok, the original goals of this website were...

There are some design criteria listed [here] and there is a set of pages dealing specifically with website [design] and maintenance elsewhere.

About the spaces.org site

Who we are

The engines in the boiler room are designed and maintained by Jno Cook of Aesthetic Investigations, and Kees Cook of Outflux Net. Outflux Net does internet consulting and programming design (PHP, Perl, MySQL, C). Aesthetic Investigation does conceptionally nothing.

I am the janitor for Spaces.org, GravyMagazine.com, Chicagoart.net, OtherGroup.Net, and a few other sites. Spaces.org is not my website; mine is at [http://jnocook.net].


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