[] Alison Ruttan

Exhibition at Beret International Gallery, September 1997

[] "Praline Surprise" 34 x 42" digitally enhanced photograph, 1997

[] untitled ("Tangerine") 20 x 24" digitally enhanced photograph, 1997

[] "Sweet Patato" 34 x 43" digitally enhanced photograph, 1997

"Alison Ruttan's lusciously altered C-prints mix allover abstraction and all out pornography ..." -- Jerry Stalz

My interest is in utilizing the pull of imagery whose prime motivation is to whet the appetite. I am interested in taking material I am curious about yet uncomfortable with and playing with it until it becomes interesting to me. This work flirts with ideas of excess and libidinal pleasure while simultaneously calling attention to the sometimes difficult and indeterminable relationship we have to appetite and desire. -- AR

Recent Reviews:

"Chicago in Review"
by Susan Snodgrass, in C, November 1997
"Out of the Shadow of Ivan Albright"
by Michael Rooks, in New Art Examiner, July 1997
by Jerry Salz, in Time Out New York July 31 1997
"In the flesh!"
by Kendra Ramic, in St.Paul Pioneer Press July 16 1997
catalogue, TBA Space, Chicago; essay by Ed Muldanado, Tina and Nadine Wasserman

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