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The Uncomfortable [] Spaces

[] (Updated 2 June 1999) This is a partial listing of about 140 published reviews of work exhibited at the Uncomfortable Spaces Galleries in Chicago, as well as mentions and reviews of the galleries themselves.

The reviews are presented in reverse historical order; 1999 -1991. There are well over 300 reviews, but only some 150 are listed. I'm way behind.

To follow an artist's name through all the reviews click on the [+] mark after a name. To get back to right about here, click on any of the [-] marks. Artist names marked with [brackets] link to slides, catalogues, or homepages.

[] Eric David Hamilton [-]
June 6, 1999; Reader; "Art People: the secret life of Eric David Hamilton" - Shidar Pappu

[] Michelle Grabner [+]
May 27, 1999; Chicago Tribune; "Grabner homes in on subject matter" - Alan G. Artner

"... rooted in the domestic aspects of her enterprise, seeming to propose them as an alternative to the ambition and drive of regular studio art production."

[] Val Valgardson [-]
March 11, 1999; New City; "Val Valgardson at Beret International" - Ann Wiems

"... humerous and sometimes ominous commentary on our mechanized relationship to nature."

[] [] [] Beret International, Ten In One Gallery [-]
Patric Lavergne at Beret International; Group Show at Ten in One Gallery
March 11, 1999; Chicago Tribune; "Contemporary collision finds art and collecting at odds" - Alan G. Artner

"Both [shows] expand our notion of what 'art' can be, but in time honored fashion, the forms the pieces take work against then being widely collectable."

[] [] Bicycle Thieves [-]
February, 1999; Projector; "Top 12 things of 1998" (Bicycle Thieves at Uncomfortable Spaces and elsewhere - Summer 1998) by Grant Samualson

[] [] "A" and Charles Wiesen [+]
February, 1999; Projector; "Top 12 things of 1998" (December 1998 at Ten In One) by Grant Samualson

"... a concise cross-section of the neo conceptualist styles so prevalent in Chicago in the last few years."

[] [Marc Alan Jacobs] [+]
January 28, 1999; Chicago Tribune; "Exhibit raises questions about how Jews view themselves -- or is it just offensive?" by Achy Obejas

"... [like] bowling pins waiting to be knocked over, there is something disturbing about Hymietown."

[] Patrick Collier "Speaking of the Dead" at Beret International [-]
November 6 1998; Chicago Sun-Times; "Galleries" by Margaret Hawkins, "Seeing death in a new light"

"What seems in the beginning like an odd memorium, becomes a dark statement, both funny and morbid..."

[] [Kay Rosen] "Girl Talk" at Ten In One [+]
November 6 1998; Chicago Sun-Times; "Galleries" by Margaret Hawkins

"Densely constructed linguistic works.. presenting words as physical objects."

[] [Kay Rosen] "Girl Talk" at Ten In One [-]
October 23 1998; Chicago Tribune; "Kay Rosen's 'Girl Talk' show is full of solvable puzzels" by Alan Artner

".. has no socio-political agenda and remains as good-natured as ever."

[] Ten In One Gallery [+]
June 12, 1997; Reader; "Ten in One on the Fence" by Jeff Huebner

"Rising rents and fleeing artists have Wicker Park fixture Joel Lieb eyeing New York real estate."

[] [Stephany Brooks] [-]
February 6, 1998; Reader; "Emotional Signposts" by Fred Camper; review of "Last Name First" at Ten in One, January 1998.

"... critiques society's institutions as cold, unemotional, dehumanizing ...."

[] Ten In One Gallery [+]
December 12, 1997; Reader; "Serious Fun" by Fred Camper; Ten In One group exhibition, "Funny Pictures" December 1997.

"... another defining quality of postmodernism."

Barbara Koenen [+]
December 12, 1997; Reader; "True Grid" by Fred Camper

"... elegantly made works on paper..."

[] [Walter Andersons] [+]
November 1997; Artforum; "Walter Andersons at Ten In One Gallery" by James Yood

"Walter Andersons scrupulous trompe l'oeil paintings wryly comment on issues such as representation, photographic reproduction, and the mechanics of art history."

[] [Carol Jackson] [-]
October 31, 1997; Chicago Tribune; "Carol Jackson's sculptures" by Barbara Buchholz;

"... demand time to digest their visual and cerebral messages."

[] [Sarah Whipple] [+]
October 3, 1997; Chicago Tribune; "A World of Liquids and residues" by Barbara Buchholz;

"Some viewers read these as ghosts."

[] [Sarah Whipple] [-]
Fall 1997; ArtLies; "Sarah Whipple" by Michelle Grabner

"Mining the everyday for abstract form.."

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
July 31, 1997; Time Out, New York; "Uncomfortable" by Jerry Saltz; Uncomfortable Spaces Exhibition at TZ' Art & Co (New York City) July 1997.

"Whatever signs of life Chicago shows at the moment are due in large part to three shoestring galleries ... known collectively as the Uncomfortable Spaces"

[] [Walter Andersons] [+]
June 20, 1997; Chicago Reader; "Text Patterns; Walter Andersons at Ten in One Gallery" by Fred Camper

"Andersons paints with such precision that it gives his work a level of conviction that plays off his modernist use of language."

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
May 9 1997; Chicago Tribune; "Welcome to the Bazaar" by Alan G. Artner, about "Art 1997" international art exposition at Navy Pier.

"Here, outposts gathered under the banner "Uncomfortable Spaces" -- Beret, Ten in One, and Tough galleries -- have consistently shown their artists are as challenging as any represented at the fair . . ."

Joe Litzenberger [+] and Ron Grenko [-]
April 25 1997; Chicago Reader;"Wrapped in Mystery" by Fred Camper; Ron Grenko at Beret International, Joe Litzenberger at Tough.

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
April 1997; Sculpture; "Thingness and Objecthood." by Johanna Drucker

M.W. Burns [-]
March 14 1997; Chicago Reader; "Art People: hearing things with M.W. Burns" by Fred Camper

Alfons Koller [-]
February 7 1997; Chicago Reader; "Anti-masterpieces" by Fred Camper; Alfons Koller at Tough.

".. challenges the preciousness of art directly, playfully, humorously ... "

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
4th quarter 1996; World Art; "Charles Wiesen" by Michael Bulka

"At a time when most art addresses safer issues, like how we perceive social structures or the market place, Wiesen's strategies vividly toy with some of our assumptions."

[] [Karen Savage] [+]
December 13 1996; Chicago Reader; "Object Relations; Karen Savage at Ten in One" by Fred Camper

"There is nothing imprecise about Karen Savage's 29 photograms . . ."

[] [Karen Savage] [-]
December 5 1996; New City; "Karen Savage" by Michael Weinstein

"Under the conceit of making elegant photograms of ... lady's handkerchiefs, she has presented portraits of unknowable people.... "

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
November 29 1996; Chicago Tribune; "Not obvious but first-rate " by Alan Artner

Lists the Uncomfortable Spaces galleries as the best of contemporary art in Chicago, "The places to go for much of the riskiest work by local artists."

[] [Jno Cook] [+]
November 1996; New Art Examiner; "Jno Cook at Beret International" by Mark Swartz

Mark Swartz thinks "Jno" is a Spell-Check oversight.

[] [Paul Kass] [+]
November 15 1996; Reader; "Material Issues; Paul Kass, New Sculpture" by Fred Camper

Frances Whitehead [+]
October 1996; Art in America; "Frances Whitehead at Tough" by Susan Snodgrass

".. a meditation on nature and the baroque, where issues of beauty, excess, and entropy played out in complex configurations."

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
October 1996; c magazine; "Charles Wiesen, Tough, Chicago" by Thomas Conners

". . . with understatement and humour, Charles Wiesen employs a minimalist - conceptual model to revivify the experience of perceiving and qualifying objects we encounter in an art context."

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
October 1996; Artforum; "Charles Wiesen at Tough" by James Yood

"Wiesen references Minimalism with just enough humour to make his work less an exercise in parody than an irony in parallel with that of his forebears."

[] [Adelheid Mers] [+]
October 10 1996; Chicago Tribune; "Mers offers a pleasing mix of materials" by Alan Artner

[] [Adelheid Mers] [+]
October 1996; Chicago Social; "A gutsy exhibition at Tough" by Jennifer Footlik

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
September 1996; New Art Examiner; "Charles Wiesen" by Hamza Walker

" . . . is the type of artist who makes the transition from art as we know it to art as something resembling a blend of furniture and philosophy, not only welcome but seemingly natural . . ."

[] [Adelheid Mers] [+]
September 27 1996; Reader; "Patterns of Life, Adelheid Mers at Tough Gallery" by Fred Camper

Michelle Grabner [+]
September 1996; Art in America; "Michelle Grabner at Ten in One Gallery" by Sue Taylor

". . . she revels in the deadpan taken-for grantedness of her subjects. . ."

[] [Jno Cook] [+]
September 20 1996; Chicago Tribune; "Jno Cook takes a wry trip down the 'information superhighway'" by Alan Artner

[] [Rebecca Morris] [-]
September 20 1996; Reader; "Artificial Food Coloring" by Mark Swartz

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
September 9 1996; Newsweek; "There Goes the neighborhood" by Peter Plagens

Michelle Grabner [+]
Summer 1996; Artforum; "Michelle Grabner at Ten in One Gallery" by James Yood

"The incredibly various, even mesmerizing, effects she can locate in the striations of a woven blanket. . ."

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
Summer 1996; Art and Antiques; "A Tale of Three Cities" by Andrew Patner

[] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
July 26 1996; Reader; "Schwartz's Folly" by Jeff Huebner

Lead article, a description and history of the Uncomfortable Spaces Galleries, concentrating mainly on Beret International and Ned Schwartz.

[] Tough Gallery [+]
July/August 1996; CAC Newsletter; An interview with Rich Kelly and description of Tough gallery.

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
July 5 1996; Reader; "Audience Participation" by Fred Camper

Mike Slattery [-]
June 6 1996; Chicago Tribune; "Art Examines Technology's Impact on Life" by Alan Artner

Michael Hoag [+]
June 12 1996; Chicago Sun-Times; "Found Art, From the Simple to the Spiritual" by Bill Stamets

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
May/June 1996; Dialogue; "In With the Out Crowd" by Timothy Porges. An update of a prior article (by Susan Snodgrass) on Uncomfortable Spaces in 1992.

Frances Whitehead [+]
May 17 1996; Chicago Tribune; "'Open-endedness' keeps the options endless for Whitehead" by Alan G. Artner; Frances Whitehead exhibition at Tough.

Frances Whitehead [+]
May 10 1996; Chicago Sun-Times; "Galleries bring out the best for Spring" by Margaret Hawkins; Frances Whitehead exhibition at Tough.

"Her sculpture looks like a series of big, strange science projects, obsessive systems designed to demonstrate principles of nature. Upon study, of course, they begin to seem like metaphors for human nature as well."

Frances Whitehead [+]
May 3 1996; Chicago Reader; "Nature in Decay" by Fred Camper; Frances Whitehead exhibition at Tough.

"The cultural artifacts in these pieces have a powerful, almost uncanny precision, a mathematics of repetition and symmetry that reflects our culture's control of materials; but ironically these precise alignments are disintegrating just as nature itself changes and decays."

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
May 1996, Essay for a brochure "A New Nightinggale" by Lenore Metrick

"Weisen's art creates a doorway into a phenomenal world, where preconception no longer hold and sensation informs cognition."

Frances Whitehead [-]
April 25 1996; New City; (Frances Whitehead at Tough) in "Art" by Lisa Stein

"To enter Frances Whitehead's installation at Tough Gallery is to walk into a fantasy of delicious excess, a creation of carefully orchestrated decadence."

Michelle Grabner [+]
April 1996; New Art Examiner; "Michelle Grabner at Ten in One" by James Scarborough

". . . has rescued her subjects from domestic oblivion"

Tom Denlinger [+]
April 7 1996; Chicago Tribune; "Defining Beauty" by Alan Artner

"You're surprised nobody has done it before because it is so simple" - quoted from Joel Lieb.

[] "Left of Center" at Ten in One [+]
April 1996; Art Press; (Paris) "New art from Los Angeles" by James Scarboroughh

". . . work characterized by some sort of as yet undefined embodiment of beauty, while it is simultaneously held together by ideas and process."

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
April 1996; Travel And Leisure;
"The Next Great Neighborhood" by Kimberley Sevcik

Gary Justis [-]
April 1996; New Art Examiner; "Gary Justis at Tough" by Bruce Baldwin

Fred Bruney [-]
March 29 1996; Chicago Tribune; "Fred Bruney, a breathtaking 'Gatherer'" by Alan Artner; Exhibition at Tough, March 1996.

"... the work subverts any attempt on the part of the viewer to take it in all at once ... Don't miss it."

Michelle Grabner [-]
March 22 1996; Chicago Tribune; "Domestic turns abstract in Grabner's work" by Alan Artner

"Ceilings, walls, curtains, carpet pads - all these and more are sources. . ."

Karen Reimer [+] and Tod Parola [-]
March 21 1996; Chicago Tribune; "Reimer, Parola join Of neat Sensibilities" by Alan Artner

[] "Left of Center" at Ten in One [+]
March 1996; New Art Examiner; "Left of Center: New art from Los Angeles" by Deborah Wilk

"The 12 artists all manifest the cozy ethereality emerging as Ten in One's preferred aesthetic"

Barbara Koenen [+]
March 1996; Art in America; "Barbara Koenen at Ten in One Gallery" by Susan Snodgrass

". . . a kitschy irrelevance that challenges painting's canonical tendencies."

[] Ten in One Gallery [+]
March 1996; New Art Examiner;
"Random shots from the Hog Butcher to the World" by Joel Lieb

"Here in Chicago we have collectors who don't collect."

Jesse Bercowetz [+]
February 2 1996; Reader; "Writing on the Wall" by Fred Camper

Michael Piazza [+]
February 1996; World Art; "'Unimpressed' Michael Piazza at Beret International" by Susan Snodgrass "... an epitemological labyrinth where visual symbols with multiple referents and shifting meanings mingle with various lived experiences."

[] "Left of Center" at Ten in One [+]
February 18 1996; New City; (ed)

"Several offerings from the art scene in Los Angeles seem to play on the city's obsession with appearances"

Jesse Bercowetz and Michael Hoag [-]
January 18 1996; New City; "Beret international Gallery" (ed)

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
January 1996; The New Art Examiner; "Jo Hormuth at Tough." by Janet Cavallero

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
December 28 1995; New City; "1995's Top 5 Gallery Shows." by Lisa Stein

Michael Piazza [-]
November 17 1995; Reader; "Forest of Symbols" by Bertha Husband

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
November 17 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Hormuth's zoo teems with complex readings." by Alan artner

Barbara Koenen [+]
November 16 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Heroic Painting" by Alan Artner

"Koenen's variations . . . add to the equation such unusual materials as fake flowers, kitty litter and poppy seeds to approximate heroic abstract painting in a way that is quaintly domestic and gently amusing."

Tom Denlinger [-]
November 1995; Art Papers; "Tom Denlinger at Ten in One Gallery" by Fennifer L. Riddell

". . . embracing an anti-photography stance that deliberately bears the hallmarks of 'bad photography'. . ."

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
November 3 1995; Chicago Reader; "Art People: Jo Hormuth's funny farm." by Fred Camper

[] [Marc Alan Jacobs] [+]
November 1995; New Art Examiner; "Icons, Beret International Gallery" by James Yood

[] Allison Ruttan [+]
October 1995; New Art Examiner; "Allison Ruttan" by Michael Bulka

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
October 26 1995; New City; "Baloon Magic." by Lisa Stein

[] [Walter Andersons] [+]
September 1995; New Art Examiner; "Walter Andersons at Ten in One Gallery" by Tina Wasserman

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
September 8 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Betting on a winner." by Alan artner

Joseph Litzengerger [+]
September 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Showing of art: A look at 4 artists' work sets stage for 50 galleries' new season." by Alan Artner and David McCracken

[] [Paul Kass] [-]
July 7 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Kass Meets Challenge of Materials" by Alan Artner

[] [Marc Alan Jacobs] [-]
July 14 1995; Reader; "Is this man Jewish? Are you Sure?" by Mike Sula

[] Ten in One [+]
June 1995; Art and Antiques; "Chicago: A Collector's Kind of Town" by Ann Wiems

". . . an excellent place to see the work of up-and-coming Chicago artists."

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
May 14 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Art 1995 Blossoms" by Alan Artner

[] [Walter Andersons] [+]
May 5 1995; Reader; "Master of the obvious" by Fred Camper

". . . weds trompe l'oeil precision with subjects as perversely modest as pencil scratches"

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
May 7 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Buyer be aware" by Alam Artner

[] "Aesthetic Cranks" at Beret [+]
May 4 1995; Gay Chicago Magazine; "Aesthetic Cranks" by Justin Sunward

Joseph Litzenberger [+]
May 1995; Art in America; "Joseph Litzenberger at Tough" by Susan Snodgrass

Walter Andersons, Brackman, McCoy, Mers, McGarry [-]
May 1995; New Art Examiner; "The Younger they are" by Mitchell Kane

interview of US artists Walter Andersons, Yvette Brackman, Tatsuya McCoy, Adelheid Mers [+], Karen McGarry [-]

[] "Aesthetic Cranks" at Beret [+]
April 28 1995; Chicago Sun-Times; "Beret Gallery 'Cranks' out Another Impressive Show" by Margaret Hawkins

[] Allison Ruttan [+]
March 17 1995; Chicago Tribune; "Ruttan's ideas sometimes get lost in the forms" by Alan Artner

[] "The Beret Intern Show" [+]
December 30 1994; Chicago Tribune; "Beret Gallery comes through for New Year's Eve" (ed) -- Greg Cook, Kari Percival, Gretchen Reimer

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
December 25 1994; Chicago Tribune; "Wither Wicker Park" by Connie Lauerman

[] "The Worst Show" at Beret [+]
December 1994; The New Art Examiner; "The Worst Show" by Michael Bulka

Joseph Litzenberger [+]
25 November 1994; Chicago Tribune; "So What's it All About Joey?" by Lori Gray

[] [Jno Cook] [+]
September 23 1994; Chicago Tribune; "Jno Cook's alternative view is show's chief selling point" by Alan Artner

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
May 6 1994; Chicago Tribune; "Wiesen's Work Has Fun at its Own Expense" by Alan G Artner

[] [Patrick McGee] [-]
April 8 1994; Chicago Tribune; "McGee tools. . . " by David McCracken

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
March 1994; Art in America; "Jo Hormuth at Tough." by Susan Snodgrass

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
February 1994; New Art Examiner; Barneys of New York Show Window, by Deborah Wilk

[] Beret International [+]
January 17 1994; Crain's; "This art doesn't match the drapes" by Robert Heuer

[] Dennis Kowalski [+]
January 1994; New Art Examiner; "Dennis Kowalski" by Michael Bulka

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
December 26 1993; Chicago Tribune; "The Arts in '93 - 10 Best Exhibits" by Alan Artner

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
December 1993; New Art Examiner; "Inflorescence" by Michael Bulka

[] "Abstract Women" at Beret [+]
November 26 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Gallery Scene" by David McCracken

[] Dennis Kowalski [+]
November 26 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Maveric Kowalski garners concepts on man and landscape" by Alan Artner

Mike Lash [-]
November 1993; Art in America; "Mike Lash at Beret International" by Michael Bulka

[] Beret International [+]
Fall 1993; P-form; "Coupon Madness" by Pickels Oksietowics

Eric Dietz [-]
October 1 1993; Chicago Sun-Times; "Beret pulls in artists from the cutting Edge" by Jeff Huebner

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
October 15 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Hormuth Dresses Up a GArden of Subterranean Delights" by David McCracken

Joseph Litzenberger [-]
September 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Alternative spaces look back and sally forth." by David McCracken

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
September 17 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Artists on View" by Alan Artner

[] [] [] West Side Gallery District [+]
August 29, 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Home is where the art is" by Alan Artner

West side gallery district, Coyote, U. S. mentioned.

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
July - August 1993; Sculpture; in "Reviews, Chicago, Charles Weisen" by Stephen Luecking

[] Allison Ruttan and Michael Merchant [-]
July 16 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Ruttan's work not for the squeamish" by David McCracken

[] Beret International [+]
June 1993; CAC Bulletin; "A Closer Look: Beret International" by Carole Stodder (interview with Ned Schwartz)

[] [Jno Cook] [+], [] Dennis Kowalski [-]
May 9 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Private Stock; For expo weekend: Portraits of five Chicago artists who should be better known" by Alan G. Artner and David McCracken

[] Beret International [+]
May 1993; Candy; "Vote Twice Coupon Art Runs Into Big Guns" by Jno Cook (reviews Ned Schwartz's "Vote Twice" Coupons)

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
May 1993; Taide 33; "Ep Mukavien Tilojen Taidetta" by Heidi Tikka, Finland

[] "Funny / Not Funny" at Beret [+]
April 23 1993; Reader; "Gallery Tripping" by Ted C. Fishman

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
April 1993; F; "Expose Yourself" by Diane Lobdell

[] "Funny/ Not funny" at Beret International [+]
April 1993; Reader; "Gallery Tripping: Fair Play and Fund Raising" by Ted Fishman

"Boxed In" at MWMWM [+]
Mar/Apr 1993; Dialogue; "Boxed-in" by Kathryn Hixson

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
March 12 1993; Reader; "Garage Sale Treasures" by Michell Stevens

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
March 7 1993; Chicago Sun-Times; "Sculptors Make Statements With Everyday Objects" by Garrettt Holg

[] [Jo Hormuth] [+]
March 1993; Dialogue; review of "Inflorescence" by Diane Lobdell

[] [Charles Wiesen] [+]
February 26 1993; Chicago Tribune; in "Gallery Scene" by David McCracken

[] [Charles Wiesen] [-]
February 19 1993; Reader; "Forms to Warm the Heart" by Michell Stevens

[] [Jo Hormuth] [-]
February 7 1993; Chicago Tribune; "Arts in 3-D" by Alan Artner

[] "Surprise, surprise" at Beret International [+]
December 1992; Chicago Sun-Times; "Art Auction Wraps Up The Works" by Bill Stamets

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
December 1992; New Art Examiner; "Beyond the comfort Zone" by Michael Bulka; Overview over the Uncomfortable Spaces

[] [Jno Cook] [+], Rebecca Ripple [-]
November 1992; New Art Examiner; "Rebecca Ripple, Jno Cook; Beret International" by Nathan Budoff

[] Group Show at Tough [+]
November 1992; New Art Examiner; "Floored" by Mitchell Stevens; group show at Tough

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces at State of Illinois Museum [+]
October 16 1992 ; Chicago Tribune; "Show gathers Art from Outlying Galleries" by David McCracken

State of Illinois Gallery, "Grit and Polish/ Art and Space" Uncomfortable Spaces Galleries artists, Barbara Koenen, Karen Reimer, Charles Wiesen, Patrick McGee, Adelheid Mers [+], Jno Cook [+]

[] [] [] Uncomfortable Spaces [+]
October 16 1992; F Magazine; "Uncomfortable Spaces" by Claudine Lo Monaco

[] [Jno Cook] [-]
Friday October 2 1992; Chicago Tribune; "Gallery Scene" by David McCracken

Uncomfortable Spaces [-]
October 13, 1992; WBEZ Morning Program; "Alternative Galleries" by Terry McCullon

[] [] [Patrick McGee] and [Adelheid Mers] [-]
March/April 1992; Flash Art; "Guess Game" by Kathryn Hixson

[] "Product Zero" at Beret [-]
November 27 1991; Chicago Tribune; "Art lovers and nonlovers alike: Here is a gallery showing anything but art" by Hugh Hart

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