How To Contact Us

(Last Modified March 5 2003)

If you found this page as a spam bot or email scavenger, sorry, there is no machine readable email address here.

Note that I do not accept email over 16K. The body of such emails will be deleted, and a short note returned by a script. Unaddressed email or email over 80K is trashed on receipt without notice. All email is network filtered with current OSDL utilities, and checked by Spam-assassin for level-3 spam indications. Those are trashed also. Email matching the Procmail DEAMON variable is also lost on receipt.

Note also that I also do not want Press Releases, Show Notifications, or other unsolicited spam. You will get added to the 'Spammer refusal' list. Find an explanation of the attitude on the [Junkmail Education Project] page.

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